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NPTLOK Instrumentation Valves

NPTLOK manufactures instrumentation valves for more than 20 years. Instrumentation valve types are instrumentation ball valve, instrumentation manifold valve, and needle valve.

Instrumentation valves are in different materials, end connections, and multiple configurations. Instrumentation valves are designed to control the fluid’s flow and gases in piping systems. They are available to be operated in high and low temperatures, pressures, and different kinds of medium.

Choose the instrumentation valve type according to your system applications.

Instrumentation Manifold Valve

NPTLOK offers 2 way manifold valves, 3 way manifold valves, 5 way manifold valves.

3 way manifold valve is the most common, which merges the test port on the process side.

2 way manifold valve is designed to connect pressure gauges, pressure switches, and pressure transmitters.

5 way manifold valve is typically used to connect differential pressure instruments for flushing of the system.

The instrumentation ball valve includes panel mounting ball valves and bar stock ball valves. The pressure is normally 3000psi at 350°F (176°C) temperatures. There are one-line, two-way angle, and 3-way patterns.

Instrumentation ball valves are available in stainless steel and brass. PTFE packing is normally used in the instrumentation ball valve. If the environment is high temperature, Graphite packing is necessary.

Every instrumentation ball valve will be 100% factory tested before delivery.

Needle Valve

NPTLOK needle valve includes female thread needle valves, double ferrule needle valves, socket weld needle valves, butt weld needle valves, and flange needle valves. They are in a variety of connections.

Needle valve pressure is normally 6000psi at 450⁰F (232⁰C) temperatures. We can also offer 10,000psi needle valves.

Needle valves are in straight and angle patterns. They are supplied for Oil& Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, and other industries.

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Instrumentation Valve Patterns

NPTLOK offers 3 patterns of instrumentation valves, straight instrument valve, angle instrument valve, and 3 way instrument valve. Prices of 3 patterns are different. The straight pattern is economical, and 3 way instrument valve is more expensive.

Choose instrumentation valve patterns according to your project requirements.

Instrumentation Valve Feature Box

materials choices
Variety of Material Choices

You can choose materials up on your project requirements

Needle valve symbol
Instrument Valve Symbols

Instrument valve symbols guide operations.

Accept OEM

NPTLOK accepts OEM from drawings or samples.

Raw Material Test
Pressure Test Report

Pressure test report will be offered to you before delivery

Instrumentation Valve Materials

You can choose the stainless steel instrument valve, brass instrument valve, carbon steel instrument valve, and special material instrument valve.

How to choose materials? It depends on the working fluid and installation conditions, which require specific materials to resist corrosion and withstand high pressure.

Common materials: Carbon steel ASTM A105, Brass, and Stainless steel ASTM A479, A182, F304

Special materials to resist extreme corrosion: Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy C, and Titanium

NPT Fittings Materials

Instrumentation Valve OEM Service

NPTLOK accepts OEM of instrumentation valves. You can send us drawings or samples to check them. Besides manufacturing instrumentation valves following your required sizes, we can also print your logo on instrumentation valves. You can create your own brand in your market.

Instrumentation Valve Symbols

NPTLOK instrumentation valve symbols are for illustrating and maintenance of systems processes.

2 Way instrumentation valve is symbolized by two equilateral triangles. The flow direction is indicated by an arrowhead.

3 Way instrument valve adds additional triangles to the symbols. The flow path is shown by small arrows.

Instrumentation valves connections including flanged, threaded, welded, or socket weld are indicated by vertical lines, circles, and squares

instrumentation valve symbols
High Pressure

Instrumentation Valve Pressure Test

NPTLOK instrumentation valves will be 100% tested before delivery to make sure your project’s safety.

Instrumentation valve pressure is from 3,000psi to 10,000psi. Normally, the pressure is tested higher than that printed on the instrumentation valve. As pressure is very important in your project systems.

Why Choose NPTLOK Instrumentation Valves?

OEM Manufacturing

NPTLOK enters into the instrumentation valve manufacturing business for more than 20 years.  We are an instrument & valve services company.

NPTLOK is a factory with many types of equipment and skilled workers. We have lots of experience in quality control. Quality is the most important factor for our factory. We make sure you will receive qualified instrumentation valves. As we are a real factory, you can get factory prices without any middleman, which will save costs for your company and help you get more market share.

Besides the quality and price, the delivery time is also important for you. As it is our own factory, we can control the production time, if there are much more orders, we will start 2 shifts to catch the delivery time.

Contact us for your requirements now!

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