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Bulkhead Reducing Union
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  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead reducing union

NPTLOK Bulkhead Reducing Union

NPTLOK bulkhead reducing union connects tubing in stainless steel, brass, or special material through a bulkhead. The size is from 1/8” to 1” or 3mm-25.4mm. And tube fitting end connection sizes are unequal. The nut and ferrules are used in the bulkhead reducing union. The nut threads are silver-plated to prevent galling when tightened.  The spare parts of nuts and ferrules can be ordered separately if required. The surface of the bulkhead reducing union will be polished or shot blasting according to customers’ requirements.

Product name: Bulkhead reducing union

Type: straight, bar stock

Temperature: upon different materials.

Custom-made: accept

Bulkhead reducing union datasheet

Bulkhead reducing union application

Bulkhead Reducing Union Application

The bulkhead reducing union is designed to go through a wall, a plate, or a cabinet. The bulkhead separates closed and sometimes different environmental spaces.

Bulkhead reducing union can be used for fluid flow and vacuum air applications.

Bulkhead Reducing Union Materials Choices

NPTLOK bulkhead reducing union is available in brass, stainless steel, or special materials including Monel and Alloy.

We can offer you a Material Test Certificate (MTC), which ensures that the materials are high purity. High-quality materials make high-quality bulkhead reducing union.

Good Raw Material
Ferrules of tube male connector

Bulkhead Reducing Union Ferrules

Bulkhead reducing union uses a double ferrule design, which offers a gas-tight, metal-on-metal seal. The double ferrule design is easy to install and disassemble. During installation, no torque is transmitted to the tube. The two ferrules of bulkhead reducing union separate sealing and tube gripping functions.

Double ferrules of bulkhead reducing union are available in standard fractional tubing sizes and metric tubing sizes

What is the delivery time of bulkhead reducing union?

If the bulkhead reducing union quantity is 100pcs, the production time is about 10 days.

Can you print logo on the bulkhead reducing union?

Yes, our factory accepts OEM service

Can you offer MTC of bulkhead reducing union?


How many years have your factory manufactured bulkhead reducing union?

About 20 years

Can you send samples of bulkhead reducing union to check the qualiy?

Yes, of course

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