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NPTLOK Female Branch Tee

A female branch tee consisting of two double ferrule tube fittings with a female thread port on the branch is used for connecting tubes. Tube fittings sizes are available in fractional size and metric size. The female thread port is NPT, BSPP, or other threads according to customers’ requirements. A female branch tee is available in stainless steel 304, 316, carbon steel, brass, or special materials. Every female branch tee is marked with material and size for convenient use in the project.

Tube OD: 1/8”-1” (fractional size) / 3mm-25.4mm(metric size)

Body: Bar stock or forged parts

Pressure: 3000psi-10000psi

Temperature: -255℃-649℃

Shape: TEE

Custom-made: accept

Contact the NPTLOK salesperson for more details.

Female branch tee

female branch tee excellent sealing performance

Female Branch Tee Excellent sealing performance

NPTLOK female branch tee uses two ferrules design for the sealing. Ferrules are made hardened treatment for standing high pressure. Double ferrule design offers a positive leak-free seal after disconnecting and retightening repeatedly. With double ferrule sealing, the female branch tee is ideal for easy assembly applications.

Female Branch Tee Nut Is Silver-plated

Every female branch tee nut is silver-plated to reduce the friction against the thread.

Silver plating in the nut
female branch tee applications

Female Branch Tee Applications

NPTLOK female branch tee is used in a wide range of applications.

Petroleum Oil, Compressed Natural Gas, Power, Chemical, Hydrogen Service, Wellhead Control Panels, Analytical Systems, Instrumentation, and so on

How to choose tubing to connect the female branch tee?

The most important thing is that the double ferrule fittings port of the female branch tee should be connected with the polished tubing, and can not be connected with the blank tubing.

Tube materials should be softer than female branch tee. For example, 304 or 316 tubing should not be connected with a brass female branch tee.

If the tubing and female branch tee are the same material, the tubing should be fully annealed.

Keep the tubing end and surface smooth and clean without burr.

Can NPTLOK female branch tee be interchanged with other brands?

No, it will have the potential risk of leakage.

How can I buy NPTLOK female branch tee?

Please send us your requirements. Our salespersons will offer you VIP service.

Can I buy ferrules or tubing from your factory?

Yes, besides the female branch tee, we also offer ferrules for your backup and tubing for connecting the female branch tee.

Can I visit your factory?


Do you have experiences in exporting female branch tee?

Yes, we have exported female branch tee to many countries.

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