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NPTLOK Male Run Tee

NPTLOK male run tee is a T-shaped 3-way tube fitting used in a fluid or a gas transfer system. There is a male thread on one end and two tube connections on the other two ends. Two tube connections permit the gas or the flow of fluid to go through the pipeline, at the same time diverting a part medium to another branch line. The tube connection of the male run tee is a double ferrule design, which provides reliable leak-free connections for instrumentation and analyzer application.

Male run tee is available in a large range of sizes and materials, which makes them adaptable to different systems. The tube connection sizes are from 1/8’od’-1 1/2”od, the thread is available in NPT, BSPP, Metric, and so on.

Material options: stainless steel 304 / 316, brass, carbon steel, Monel, Super Duplex.

Male run tee configuration: Tube to pipe (male pipe)

Choose male run tee sizes according to your requirements, and send your inquiry to us.

Male run tee datasheet

Leak Free

Male Run Tee Leak-tight Connections

NPTLOK male run tee is manufactured with a leak-tight connection in demanding conditions. The male thread is easily installed into the system, which reduces the chance of a leak.

NPTLOK makes hardening treatments on double ferrules, which provide a leak-free connection.

Male run tee leak-tight connections enhance the efficiency and safety of gas and fluid systems.

Male Run Tee High Quality Materials

NPTLOK uses high-quality materials for the male run tee. MTC (Material Test Certificate) can be offered for you to check the components of materials. Normal materials are stainless steel 304 or 316, carbon steel, or brass. Special materials include Monel 400, Alloy, and Super Duplex.

Male run tee top-grade materials offer a long-time service in the system as they have excellent corrosion resistance.

Good Raw Material
Silver plating in the nut

Male Run Tee Nut Treatments

NPTLOK makes silver-plated treatments inside the nut of the male run tee to prevent galling during makeup and protect the thread. Silver-plated treatments meet the industry standard.

Male Run Tee Applications

NPT male run tee is used in a wide range of industries including Instrumentation, Analytical installation, Offshore control panels, LNG/CNG lines, Chemical, Power, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Petro-chemical, and Transportation.

Contact me for your application systems requirements now!



Can you offer drawings of male run tee?


What is the delivery time of male run tee

It depends on the male run tee quantity. If the quantity is 100 pcs, the production time is about 7-10 days.

I want to test male run tee quality before orders?

We would like to send you samples for free to check the quality.

Can you offer certificate?


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