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NPTLOK Bulkhead Union

NPTLOK has been a manufacturer of bulkhead unions for more than 20 years with mature technology and competitive price.

A Bulkhead union is used to connect tubes and have a straight design with connectors on ends. A bulkhead union contains two locknuts to compress the tube and create a high-pressure seal. Determining the diameter of bulkhead unions is very important because bulkhead unions are used as distribution outlets in the piping systems.

The quality and strength of material for making bulkhead unions are also very important. The use of materials depends on customers’ project requirements.

Materials: stainless steel 304 / 316, carbon steel, brass, and special materials like Monel, Alloy

Body: Bar stock or forging parts

Size: 1/8”od -1”od (3mm-25.4mm)

Thread: NPT, BSPP, G, Metric

Ferrule: double ferrule or single ferrule

Pressure: 3000psi-10,0000psi

Bulkhead Union

Quicker production time

Quicker Production Time Of Bulkhead Union

NPTLOK is a professional in manufacturing bulkhead unions with mature technology, which ensures our factory be quicker in the production of bulkhead union.

Normally, if you order 100 bulkhead unions, the production time will be 5-7 days. You can estimate the production time of your order.

You will receive the bulkhead unions for your project at the earliest time from our factory.

Lower MOQ Of Bulkhead Union

Our factory sets a lower MOQ of bulkhead union, in which 10 pcs are available. Maybe you have big larger stock of tube fittings, or maybe your project requires fewer bulkhead unions, and you have no requirement for purchasing large bulkhead unions. A lower MOQ can meet your requirements.

Our factory is flexible in bulkhead union quantities.

Lower MOQ
Hardening treatment in the ferrule

Good Quality Ferrules of Bulkhead Union

Ferrules are important for bulkhead unions, which have the strength to resist high pressure and to protect from leaking out.

We have imported equipment to produce ferrules, and the ferrules will be made with hardened treatment to strengthen the hardness.

Because of the good quality ferrules, the pressure of 1/4” bulkhead union can reach 100Mpa. You can get samples of bulkhead unions to test ferrule quality.

Bulkhead Union Applications

Bulkhead unions are applied in plenty of industries. Here are some applications of bulkhead unions.



Hydraulic systems


Oil & gas


Choose the right size of bulkhead unions for your project applications.

Your bulkead unions are compatible with " Swagelok" brand?

Swagelok has a notice that ”

Over the years, we’ve become aware of many manufacturers with products which claim to be interchangeable and intermixable with the Swagelok Tube Fitting.

We do not believe that any manufacturer can reliably, repeatedly, and uniformly replicate the products of another manufacturer.  For this reason, we believe that interchanging and intermixing component parts made by different manufacturers can result in unpredictable performance and increased costs.  We believe also that this is an unsound practice and can be dangerous in critical applications.

Can I get a sample of bulkhead union?

Yes. We can send you a sample of bulkhead union for free to test the quality.

Can the nut of bulkhead union be turned 1 1/4 around?


Can I print my logo on bulkhead unions?

Yes, you can print your logo on the bulkhead unions to create your own brand.

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