Union Tube Fittings
NPTLOK Union Tube Fittings Is Your Good Choice

NPTLOK manufactures union tube fittings from 1/8”-1” od upon customer’s requirement

NPTLOK deliver union tube fittings at the earliest time, and not delay your time.

  • Union Tube Fittings
  • Union Tube Fittings
  • Union Tube Fittings
  • Union Tube Fittings
  • Union Tube Fittings
  • Union Tube Fittings

NPTLOK Union Tube Fittings Tube to Tube Compression Fittings

NPTLOK union tube fittings connect the same size metric or fractional tube od on both ends

  • Tube Size: 1/8”-1”
  • Material Grades: Stainless Steel 304, 316, Carbon Steel, Brass, Monel, Alloy400, and so on
  • Pressure Ratings: Depends on size and material
  • Standards: ASTM, International Standard
  • Applicable Temperature: Depends on materials
  • Brand Name: NPTLOK


If you are looking for types of union tube fittings, download the catalog

Catalog of union tube fittings

Union Tube Fittings

ISO 9001 of Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings Parts

Union Tube Fittings Parts

Union tube fitting can be reassembled many times, which does not damage any components. Union tube fittings have good resistance to mechanical vibration

Union tube fittings are composed of three primary parts Nut, Ferrule, and Body.

Union tube fittings connect two tubing or pipes by male and female ends with help of nuts.

Union Tube Fittings is a kind of fitting that is designed to connect two separated tubing or pipes. It is tube to tube, connecting the same size on both ends

Union Tube Fittings Application

Union tube fittings deliver excellent performance and meet customers’ requirements. NPTLOK offers stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, Monel, and alloy 400 union tube fittings.

Union tube fittings are used in industries like:

Power Plants

Petroleum Industry

General Purpose Applications

Oil & Gas Industry


Chemical Industries

Union Tube Fittings Application
Pressure Test

FAQ About NPT LOK Union Tube Fittings

You may have some questions about NPT LOK union tube fittings. Check the below FAQ,  and you may find solutions.

If you have other questions about NPTLOK union tube fittings, kindly contact me by Email or What’s app.

How shall I buy NPTLOK union tube fittings?

You can send me your requirement for union tube fittings. I will quote you a price.

If you satisfy with the price, I will make PI for you.

After receiving advance payment, we will start to prepare materials and produce union tube fittings.

I will take union tube fittings for you after they are finished in production.

After receiving the balance payment, we will deliver union tube fittings to you. Our forwarder will handle this process, even the forwarder can clear the customs of your country, and pay tax for you. You just receive union tube fittings at your place.

What is MOQ of union tube fittings

From 1/8”-3/4” union tube fittings, the MOQ is 10 pcs. You can test the quality of union tube fittings as a trial order.

Can you print " Paker", "Swagelok" on your union tube fittings?

Absolutely No. NPTLOK refuses to print other brand logos on union tube fittings without authorization.

What is warranty of NPT LOK union tube fittings

NPTLOK union tube fittings warranty is 2 years. Within 2 years, we will replace bad quality union tube fittings for free.

How about price of NPTLOK union tube fittings?

As NPTLOK is a real factory, you can get the factory prices. NPTLOK union tube fittings will save cost for your company.

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