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NPTLOK Union Elbows

NPTLOK union elbow has two tube fittings ends to connect two tubings at a 90° angle. A union elbow is designed with very stringent tolerance to provide a free leak, and torque-free seal on tubing connections. A union elbow consists of a body, a front ferrule, a back ferrule, and a nut. The body is forged parts or bar stock depending on the customer’s requirements. A union elbow has all tube fittings ends, which have higher pressure than a male or female pipe end.


  • Size: 3mm-25.4mm od
  • Body Configurations: Forged or Bar Stock
  • Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, Brass, Carbon steel, or special materials.
  • Pressure: 6000psig-10000psig
  • Temperatures: 325°F (-198°C) to 1200°F (648°C)

Choose union elbow sizes by NPTLOK part number in the datasheet:

Datasheet of union elbow

NPT Fittings Materials

Materials Choices

NPTLOK union elbow is available in stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, or special materials like Monel, and Alloy.

When you choose materials, stainless steel tubing should not be used with brass fittings, as tubing materials should be softer than fitting materials. When tubing and fittings are made of the same material, The tubing should be annealed.

Bar Stock Or Forging Body Is Available

NPTLOK union elbow is available in bar stock body or forging body depending on customers’ requirements.

A forging body is a good choice for high-temperature and high-pressure systems. During the forging process, the metal’s grain structure is becoming more refined, which increases the impact and overall strength of the body.

If your fluid systems require high temperatures and pressure materials, the forging body is a good choice.

Bar stock and forging
Silver plating in the nut

Nut Threads Are Silver Plated

Nut threads of the NPTLOK union elbow are silver plated, which reduces the friction against the body threads and extends the fitting’s service life. Union elbow is easy to disconnect and retighten, during this process, the silver-plated process protects threads.

Why Choose NPTLOK Union Elbow

NPTLOK manufactures union elbow for more than 20 years with mature technology and competitive price. Union Elbow has been exported to many countries and gets good feedback from end users. NPTLOK union elbows bring real benefits to customers:

  • On-time delivery time. There are mature supply chains around our factory, and we have a production plan to control our production and suppliers to make sure on-time delivery time.
  • Competitive price.  As NPTLOK is a factory, the price is directly from the factory, which will save cost for your project.
  • Mature technology. NPTLOK manufactures union elbow for more than 20 years with many experiences in it. And our workers who operate laths are at least 10 years experience. Until now, we do not receive any complaints from customers about union elbow.

Let’s start to cooperate together, and you will enjoy VIP service in our company.

Can I Get A Sample To Check The Quality?

Yes. If there is a stock of union elbow in the warehouse, we will send you samples to check the quality. If there is no stock of union elbow and would like to receive a similar sample like a male connector, or unions, it’s much better. Or we can produce union elbow in MOQ 10pcs.

Is Your Forging Parts From The Third Company?

Yes. Forging parts of union elbow are from the third company.

What Is The MOQ Of Union Elbow


Can You Offer MTC Of Union Elbow?

Yes, we can offer a material test certificate of union elbow

What Is The Max Size Of Union Elbow

The max tube end size of union elbow is 25.4mm od

Can You Send Me The Price List Of Union Elbow?

Yes, send me your requirements for union elbow to my Email.

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