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NPTLOK has been manufacturing tube fittings since 1999 for more than 20 years.

  • NPTLOK offers stable quality tube fittings
  • NPTLOK offers factory price of tube fittings
  • NPTLOK have an on-time delivery time of tube fittings
  • NPTLOK can save cost for your project

Your Factory Of Tube Fittings

NPTLOK manufactures a wide range of tube fittings, which can stand up to high pressures and temperatures.

NPTLOK tube fittings tighten easily and are leak free under shock, vibration, and temperature cycling. Tube fittings available size range from 1/8”-1” with working pressure up to 7500psi.

NPTLOK high-quality and easy-to-use tube fittings, such as JIC fittings, NPT fittings, Welding fittings, nuts, caps, plugs, and more, are what you need for the most demanding applications.

Tube fittings types: Male and female tube fittings, reducers, unions, elbows, tee, cross, and bulkhead fittings.

Explore our large selection of tube fittings types now.

Union Tube Fittings

Union tube fittings connect the same size fractional/metric tube on both ends.

reducing union

Reducing union tube fittings connects a larger tube to a smaller tube.

Male Connector

Tube male connector tube fittings connect fractional tubing to female thread.

Female Connector
Female Connector

Female connector tube fittings connect fractional tubing to male thread.

Union Elbow

Union elbows are used for 90 degrees tube to tube connections.

Male Elbow
Male Elbow

Male elbows are used for 90 degrees tube to female thread connections.

Female Elbow
Female Elbow

Female elbows are used for 90 degrees tube to male thread connections.

Union Tee

Union tee tube fittings connect 3 fractional or 3 metric tubes to each other

Male Branch Tee
Male Branch Tee

Male branch tee tube fittings connect tube or pipe to female thread.

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Tube Fittings By Material

The materials of tube fittings are an important consideration for buyers.

NPTLOK manufactures tube fittings by materials according to customers’ requirements. Selecting the right material is important for the right application.

Materials: Stainless steel tube fittings (304, 316), Brass tube fittings, Carbon Steel tube fittings, Monel tube fittings,  Alloy 625 tube fittings, and Titanium tube fittings

  • Stainless steel

    Temperature: -245℃ to 649℃

    Advantages: good strength, high corrosion resistance, and resistance to high temperatures.

    Applications: Flow of gas, liquid, and fluids.

  • Brass Material

    Temperature: -54℃ to 204℃

    Advantages: Excellent resistance to corrosion, high-temperature tolerance, high durability

    Applications: Natural gas, air, non-potable water

  • Carbon Steel
    Carbon Steel

    Temperature: -29℃ to 427℃

    Advantages: High tensile strength, structural stability, budget-friendly, increased durability

    Application: Natural gas, fluids, condensation

  • Monel Material

    Temperature: up to 538℃

    Advantages: Good resistance to acids, high resistance to alkalis, high corrosion resistance

    Application: Marine engineering, Gasoline and freshwater tanks, heater exchanges

  • Alloy 625
    Alloy 625

    Temperature: 926℃-1177℃

    Advantages: Excellent resistance to oxidation, extreme environments, resistance to corrosion

    Applications: Natural gas and oil, Nuclear, Aerospace, Offshore and marine, Chemical

  • Titanium

    Temperature: up to 450-500℃

    Advantages: Low density, resistance to corrosion, resistance to chemicals, high strength

    Applications: Water and gas supply systems, air supply delivery, ships offshore pipe systems.

Product Feature Box

Material Test
Real Raw Material

NPTLOK uses raw materials from a reliable supplier who can offer MTC

Double Ferrule
Treatment In Ferrule

NPTLOK makes hardening treatment in ferrule to ensure good sealing.

Silver Plating Nut
Silver Plating In The Nut

NPTLOK silver plating in the nut to ensure sealing, which does not bites thread.

Standard Thread

NPTLOK fabricates the thread based on international standards like NPT, BSPP…

Real Raw Material

NPTLOK uses raw materials of tube fittings from a reliable supplier, which can offer MTC(Material Test Certificate). Our warehouse will test raw material when it reaches the warehouse.

The suitable raw material will ensure tube fittings stand up to high pressure and temperature.


Material Test Certificate
Hardening treatment in the ferrule

Hardening Treatment In Ferrule

NPTLOK makes hardening treatment in the ferrule to ensure good sealing and high pressure of tube fittings. NPTLOK 1/8”-3/8” ferrule pressure can reach 120Mpa.

You will use NPTLOK tube fittings safely and do not worry about leakage.

Silver Plating In The Nut

NPTLOK silver plating in the nut will not bite the thread and be precise in tube fittings

NPTLOK also makes treatments on the surface of tube fittings, for example, polishing shot blasting. You will receive beautiful tube fittings.

Silver plating in the nut
International Standard

International Standard Thread

NPTLOK fabricate thread of tube fittings based on international standard, for example, GB, ANSI, DIN, ASME, JIS, BSW

NPTLOK machine high precision tube fittings NPT, PT, BSPP, G, ZG, R, RC, and so on thread up to customer’s requirement.

NPTLOK Tube Fittings Manufacturer For More Than 20 Years

High Pressure
Good Machine

NPTLOK is a tube fittings manufacturer for more than 20 years with an ISO certificate.

Advanced Equipment 

NPTLOK owns advanced lathes to manufacture tube fittings. We can offer you highly precise tube fittings. NPTLOK also owns a pressure test machine, you can see the above video, we will test the pressure of tube fittings before delivery.

20 years experience

NPTLOK entered into tube fittings business in 1999 and has 23 years of experience. You can believe our mature technology. And our factory is located in the city which has mature supplier chain of tube fittings and valves. This supplier chain also has more than 20 years of experience, which is very professional in tube fittings business line. You will not worry about quality issues.

Good price

As we are a real factory, you can get the bottom price without any middleman from us. A good price with mature and professional technicians will be your best choice. Which can save costs for your company, and get more projects in your market.

Low MOQ, accept OEM

MOQ of tube fittings and valves is 10 pcs, which quantity is flexible for your requirement or as a sample for you to check quality. Accept OEM, it is available to print your logo in tube fittings and valves for your own brand. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Flexible aftersale service

You can contact with us at any time by what’s app or by phone, we are 24 hours online. If you need any aftersale service, just contact us, we can give you the solution in 24 hours. Without paper signed by one lead and another leader, flexible service will help you solve problems immediately

Single And Double Ferrule Tube Fittings

Single Ferrule Tube Fittings
Single Ferrule Tube Fittings

NPTLOK manufactures single ferrule tube fittings which can be easier to assemble because there is one less component to assemble with. And they can also provide better resistance to high vibrations,



Single ferrule tube fittings are composed of four precision parts: body, nut, and single ferrule. By screwing the nut on the body, the nut is tightened against the tapered area of the body, and its edge is compressed tightly against the tube by curling inward.

A single ferrule tube fittings system requires only metal-to-metal seal points to effect a leak-tight seal.


The single ferrule tube fittings design reaches the leakproof sealing by assembly motion being transmitted axially through the tubing. This results in no radial movement of the tubing upon assembly. Therefore the tube is not stressed and the mechanical integrity is maintained. This is the result of close monitoring of tolerance control in machining and surface smoothness and hardness of each and every part of single ferrule tube fittings. Through this swaging action, Single ferrule tube fittings are mechanically integrated with the tube connected.

Double Ferrule Tube Fittings

NPTLOK manufactures double ferrule tube fittings which are favored when installation needs to be disassembled once in a while. Double ferrule tube fittings are easily installed, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, they can be reused, keeping the cost of materials as low as possible.


Double ferrule tube fittings are two-ferrule assemblies. The back ferrule grips the tubing while pressing up against the front ferrule. Which spring-loads the front ferrule and creates the seal between the tubing and fitting body. These fittings can be reassembled multiple times without damaging components or tubing. They have good resistance to mechanical vibration.


Double ferrule tube fittings require no flaring of the metal tube to install. They compress onto tubing to form a strong seal connection. The two ferrule configuration insures a perfect seal under high pressure.

Whether you work in the petrochemical, oil and gas, semiconductor, or power industry, you will recognize the need for secure fittings. After all, leakages due to failing fittings will result in a loss of time and money. Double ferrule tube fittings are preferred in all situations.

NPTLOK Tube Fittings Pressures

Carbon Steel And Stainless Steel
316SS and Carbon Steel Tube Fittings Pressure

1/8” Tube fittings od  10000psig   689bar

1/4” Tube fittings od  8300psig      572bar

3/8” Tube fittings od  8000psig     551bar

1/2” Tube fittings od   7800psig     537bar

3/4” Tube fittings od   7500psig     517bar

1” Tube fittings od     5300psig       365bar

Brass Tube Fittings

1/8” Tube fittings od 5000psig   345bar

1/4” Tube fittings od 4100psig    282bar

3/8” Tube fittings od 4000psig    275bar

1/2” Tube fittings od 3900psig     269bar

3/4” Tube fittings od 3700psig     255bar

1” Tube fittings od   2600psig         179bar

Tube Fittings
NPTLOK Tube Fittings Supplier For Your Ease of Installation

NPTLOK principle is focusing on quality in tube fittings. NPTLOK put our customers first. You will receive leak-free, ease-of-installation tube fittings

Factory Production Photo

  • “So far, still no problem. Some of my customers say that your tube fittings better than local supplier’s”

  • “Our continued testing is proving your tube fittings are very nice quality. It gives us great trust to do further business in the future. “


Tube fittingsTube Fittings Applications

Most tube fittings respond to either hydraulic or pneumatic systems. The basic system type is the first step to determining the type of fittings right for the application.


Hydraulic applications of tube fittings involve the transfer of liquid fluids such as water and other chemical solvents. Hydraulic fittings must have seals that prevent the leakage of liquid and often be resistant to rust or other possible chemical corrosion.


Pneumatic applications of tube fittings involve the transfer of gases. Pneumatic fittings must have very tight seals to prevent gas leakage and must be resistant to chemical corrosion.


Other applications of tube fittings such as structural design also incorporate tube fittings. These fittings must have strong physical integrity but typically do not require sealing because they do not carry fluids.

What is your MOQ of tube fittings?

MOQ of tube fittings is 10 pcs

Do NPTLOK tube fittings can interchange with Swagelok tube fittings?

No. Swagelok does not suggest other manufacturers’ tube fittings interchange with Swagelok tube fittings. Below is suggestions from Swagelok:

“The Claim

Over the years, we’ve become aware of many manufacturers with products which claim to be interchangeable and intermixable with the Swagelok Tube Fitting.

We do not believe that any manufacturer can reliably, repeatedly, and uniformly replicate the products of another manufacturer.  For this reason, we believe that interchanging and intermixing component parts made by different manufacturers can result in unpredictable performance and increased costs.  We believe also that this is an unsound practice and can be dangerous in critical applications.”

What is delivery time of NPTLOK tube fittings?

Delivery time depends on order quantity. NPTLOK will make a production plan after you place an order, and inform you of an estimated delivery time.

Can you produce tube fittings by Monel or Aolly 400?

Yes, NPTLOK can fabricate tube fittings by special material like Monel, Alloy 400.

Have NPTLOK tube fittings exported to other countries?

Yes. NPTLOK tube fittings have been exported to the USA, Indonesia, Pakistan, Oman, Singapore, and so on.

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