NPTLOK Male Elbow
  • International Standard Thread
  • Leak-free Connection
  • Quicker Delivery Time
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  • male elbow
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  • male elbow

NPTLOK Male Elbow

NPTLOK manufactures male elbows for more than 20 years at competitive prices and good quality.

Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, or brass is available

Tube connection: double ferrule, size is from 3mm-25.4mm(1/8”-1”)

Thread connection: NPT, BSPP, G, or other international standard threads.

Pressure: 6000psi to 10,000psi according to male elbow size

Temperature: 325°F (-198°C) to 1200°F (648°C)

Male Elbow

Material Test Certificate

Male Elbow Material Test Certificate

Male elbow materials are available in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and other special materials. NPTLOK purchases materials from good-quality suppliers. And we can offer you a material test certificate (MTC) to check raw materials.

Contact me for the material test certificate of the male elbow.

Male Elbow Ferrules Treatment

NPTLOK makes hardened treatments on the ferrules of male elbows to make them stronger and undertake much more pressure. NPTLOK male elbow ferrules are leak-free because they can bear higher pressure.

Samples of male elbow ferrules can be sent to you to make the pressure test. Or contact me to check the pressure test of the video.

Hardening treatment in the ferrule
High Pressure

Male Elbow Pressure

NPTLOK male elbow pressure depends on materials and sizes. Normally 1/8”-1/2” male elbow pressure can reach 10,000psi. 1”(25.4mm) male elbow pressure can reach 2000psi.

NPTLOK male elbow pressure can meet your project requirements. Contact me for the inspection report of the male elbow.

Why Choose NPTLOK Male Elbow

Our factory entered into male elbow production for more than 20 years with competitive price and good quality, especially the quicker delivery time.

NPTLOK offers MTC of the male elbow for you to check the quality of the raw materials. Our stainless steel tubing is made of passivation treatment. We make sure good quality male elbow from the raw materials.

NPTLOK offers international standard male threads of male elbow like NPT, G, BSPP, and so on. You can choose the thread type according to your project requirements.

NPTLOK accepts OEM service. You can send your specific requirements for the male elbow by samples or drawings, we will custom-make them. And you can also print your logo on the male elbow to create your own brand.

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Can you offer tubings beside the male elbow?

Yes, we can offer tubing for you besides the male elbow

Have NPTLOK male elbow exported to other countries?


What's the size of the male elbow you can offer?

We can offer the size of the male elbow from 1/8” to 1”

Could you send sample of the male elbow to check the quality?


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