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Female Needle Valve
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NPTLOK Female Needle Valve

NPTLOK manufactures female needle valve for more than 20 years. A female needle valve is for the regulation of fluids in process, instrumentation, and power applications. The flow can be regulated by using a spindle.


  • Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, carbon steel, and other special materials
  • Thread: NPT, BSPP, Metric, and other standard threads
  • Size: 1/8”-2”
  • Pressure: Up to 10,000psi
  • Back-up ring: PTFE
  • Stem type: Regulating

Choose female needle valve by part number according to your requirements

Datasheet of female needle valve

bar stock and forging parts

Forging Parts or Bar Stock of Female Needle Valve Is Available

NPTLOK female needle valve body is available in forging parts or bar stock parts depending on the pressure requirements.

If you require low and middle pressure, the bar stock body is suitable for you because of the economic and friendly price.

If you require high pressure like 10,000psi, the forging parts are good for you, as the forging parts can stand higher pressure than the bar stock body.

Female Needle Valve Parts

NPTLOK female needle valve consists of 3 major parts:

  1. Needle valve body and seat
  2. The needle valve stem and stem tip
  3. The needle valve packing and bonnet

Handle: stainless steel, nylon, and other materials

Stem: the stem threads are rolled for strength

Body: the bar stock or forging parts

Stem type: regulating

Packing: PTFE or Graphite

Female needle valve parts
Female needle valve threads

Female Needle Valve Threads

There are a variety of threads of female needle valve depending on customers’ requirements.

Female needle valve threads include NPT, PT, BSPP, G, Metric, R, and so on.

Female Needle Valve Materials

NPTLOK female needle valve is available in different materials including stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, Monel, and other special materials.

Carbon steel is used to be zink plated.

Normally, our customers choose stainless steel materials, as it is better to stand the test of time, is much more corrosion resistant, and is a friendly cost.


Female needle valve materials

Female Needle Valve Function

NPTLOK female needle valve function is flow control. They can be found in different systems and applications. The flow can be controlled by turning the handle of the female needle valve.

Could I have a sample of female needle valve?


Do you accept OEM service of female needle valve?

Yes, you can send us your drawings or samples of female needle valve. Our technician will check them and reply to you whether we can manufacture them.

Could I print my brand on female needle valve?


What is the delivery time of female needle valve

It depends on quantities of female needle valve, for example, if the quantity is 100 pcs, the production time will be 15 worker days.

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