Reducing Union
NPTLOK Reducing Union

NPTLOK manufactures reducing union for more than 20 years

  • Good Raw Materials
  • Standard Size For Easy Connection
  • Leak-Free Connections
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union
  • Reducing Union

NPTLOK Reducing Union

NPTLOK reducing union is for straight tube ports to ports connections, one end of the tube ports is reduced.

Reducing unions are used when it is necessary to join 2 different bare tubing sizes, a single reducing union can take the place of many fittings and needs less space.

You can choose different materials for reducing union, including stainless steel reducing union, brass reducing union,  carbon steel reducing union, Monel reducing union, and so on.

  • Size: 1/8”-1” (3.175mm-25.4mm)
  • Pressure: Up to 6000psig
  • Temperature: 325°F (-198°C) to 1200°F (648°C)
  • Applications: Instrumentations, Analytical Installations, CNG / LNG Lines…

Catalog of reducing union

Double ferrule reducing union

ISO9001 Certificate

Silver plating in the nut

Treatment On The Nut Threads Of Reducing Union

NPTLOK nut threads of reducing unions are silver-plated, which can prevent galling and tightening of the fittings.

NPTLOK Two Ferrule Design Of Reducing Union

NPTLOK reducing unions are precision manufactured and offer a metal-on-metal seal and a gas-tight.

NPTLOK’s two-ferrule design of reducing union is easy to install, easy to disconnect, and easy to retighten reliably. These two ferrules separate sealing. Each ferrule is optimized for its function.

Double ferrule
Instrumentation Application

NPTLOK Applications Of Reducing Union

NPTLOK reducing union provides a reliable, torque-free seal and leak proof on all tubing connections.

NPTLOK reducing unions applications: Instrumentation, Analytical Installations, CNG / LNG Lines, Hydrogen Service, Offshore Control Panels, Sensing Lines.


Advantages Of NPTLOK Reducing Union

NPTLOK manufactures reducing unions for more than 20 years with mature technology and quicker delivery time. Why choose is NPTLOK reducing union? Below are the advantages of NPTLOK reducing union:

  • Provide reliable leak-free connections
  • Manufactured to the high-quality standard
  • A range of sizes from fractional tubing size 1/8” to 1” or metric size 3mm to 25.4mm
  • Corrosion-resistant raw materials
  • Quicker delivery time
  • Competitive Price

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How about NPTLOK delivery time of reducing union

It depends on the order quantity. For example, if the quantity is 300pcs, the delivery time will be 10-15 days with good quality.

Can you send me samples of reducing union

Yes. We would like to send you samples to check the quality before cooperation.

How about quality of reducing union

Do not worry about the quality of reducing union. Our factory manufactures tube fittings for more than 20 years. Boss and technician have full of experience in tube fittings including ferrules pressure, nut threads treatment, and so on.

Have you exported reducing union to other countries?

Yes. Contact me for more sales projects.

Can I visit your factory?

Yes. Welcome to visit our factory. Factory is nearby Shanghai.

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