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Ferrule Set Manufacturer

NPTLOK ferrule set consists of one front ferrule and one rear ferrule, which offer a metal-on-metal seal. They are available in stainless steel 304, 316, brass, or special materials including Monel, Alloy, and so on.

NPTLOK ferrule set is available in standard fractional size and metric size. They are made of polished surface treatment. They are easy to install, disconnect, and retighten.

NPTLOK ferrule set provides a stable connection, which reduces the potential leak and ensures consistent flow rates.

Size: 1/8”-1 1/2” (3mm-38.1mm)

Temperature: -255℃-649℃

Pressure: depending on material, thickness, and the size.

Ferrule set

Hardening treatment in the ferrule

Hardening Treatment On Ferrule Set

Our factory makes hardening treatments on ferrules to strengthen the pressure of the ferrule set, which ensures a leak-free sealing. Hardening treatments on ferrules can also improve corrosion resistance.

We can send samples of ferrule sets for you to check the pressure and corrosion resistance.

Mark Part Number On Ferrule Set

Our factory offers a service that marks the part number on ferrules, which can track the information for the aftersale service.

Marking the part number on ferrule sets will not influence the leak-free and pressure of ferrules.

We do not charge the cost of marking the part number on ferrules.

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Blank Tubes and polished tubes

How To Choose Ferrules According To The Tubing Type

If you buy double ferrule including front ferrule and back ferrule, the tubing should be polished. The double ferrule is not suitable for the blank tube. The sealing is not good.

If you use the blank tube, it is advised the single ferrule, which sealing is good for the blank tube.

It is very important to choose ferrules (Double ferrule or single ferrule) according to tubing type. If you mistake the ferrules and tubing type, the loss will be big.

Ferrule Set
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What is the MOQ of the ferrule set?

If there are ferrules in stock, no MOQ. If there is no stock, the MOQ for production is 50 sets.

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